How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments – Moment #3

Moment #3 – Introduction – “A day without an Introduction is a day that is weak in the human experience.”

Every time you meet someone new,How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments – Moment #3 Articles however brief the encounter might be, you have just experienced introduction.

When we experience an introduction, our focus shifts to that person and our encounter with them. We listen to what they have to say, and we watch how they act. Likewise, they are watching us. We are also wondering how they perceive us, even if it’s on the subconscious level. The beauty of an introduction is that it returns our thinking to the moment at hand.

Depending on the circumstances of the introduction, we could be thinking a variety of things: Who is this person? What do they want? How do I look? I like this person. I dislike this person. I’d like to see this person again. This person talks too much. This person is interesting. This person is boring. How do I end this conversation?

It’s critical to remember that we can only experience introduction one time with each person we meet. Once that initial meeting is over, it’s gone forever; and our future interactions with that individual will fall into one of the other moments described later in this book.

They say first impressions are important. I completely agree. Your first encounter with someone (your introduction to this person) is such a powerful moment in the human experience that your actions and words will be forever etched into the other person’s memory. First impressions are so strong that practically everyone is on his or her best behavior when meeting someone new. They are right to do so. If a person gives a poor first impression during an introduction, this person will spend a lifetime trying to correct it.

Introductions can happen by design (walk up and introduce yourself to a stranger), by accident (bumping into someone when you exit an elevator), or through any random chain of events.

All of the following are samples of introduction.

Meeting an associate for the first time

Dialing a wrong number and talking with someone new

Handing your driver’s license to a police officer you’ve never met

For most people, introductions are plentiful in the work environment. This is where working in a coffee shop would have an advantage over working just about anywhere else. However, if you work at home or work independently, or for those who are financially free and don’t have to work for a living, introductions can become absent to almost non-existent in their lives. No matter what your work situation, it’s imperative you find the time to meet new people whenever you get the chance.

If you are living a lifestyle where you are consciously choosing not to meet people for whatever reason and you’ve gone several days without meeting somebody, I encourage you to make an effort to meet someone today. Meeting someone doesn’t have to be complicated either. Nor do you have to spend any money. It can be as simple as going to the park and finding someone who’s walking their poodle. Admire their dog. Tell him or her how cute it is (even if it’s ugly), and you’ll have a new friend. Donate your time to a church group. Donate your time to the local Little League (or any sporting association) and become an assistant coach.

Another situation where introductions can be scarce is when you are married or otherwise involved in a serious relationship. This can happen because you’ve become complacent within your relationship, and you are content with not meeting anyone new. It could be that your partner is jealous or insecure and fears the idea of your meeting people. Although it’s normal for people involved in committed relationships to meet fewer people, I believe this is a detriment to the human spirit and will eventually lead to resentment within the relationship.

If your partner is the primary reason for lack of introductions (jealous, insecure, or anything along those lines), maybe you can try meeting new people together in a non-threatening environment. Perhaps you can meet someone who is of the same sex. A jealous partner is a tough situation, the solution to which is beyond the scope of this book. In the interest of 오피 예약방법 fulfilling your human needs and enjoying the most of everyday life, I suggest you find a way to meet new people. This might mean you need to re-negotiate the scope of your relationship, or maybe you need a new partner altogether. It’s quite possible to have a monogamous relationship and still meet new people everyday.

Geographical limitations – You live in a hut on the frozen tundra of a remote section of Alaska. Your best friend is a prairie dog nicknamed Spunkie, and the only interaction you have with human beings is the jet liner that flies low on the horizon every evening. And you need binoculars to see the plane.If this describes you, then you need to move. If you’re alive and breathing and taking up space in this world, then for one reason or another the universe wants you here. Start interacting with the rest of us.

The bottom line: Find a way to incorporate introductions into your life. Make them a priority. They are important.