Rent a Car In France And Experience Paris

France can offer something for everyone so go on,Rent a Car In France And Experience Paris Articles take a car rental France and begin the journey of your lifetime. Car travel is very popular in France as it is the perfect way to explore the countryside. Here are some facts you might find useful:

*The driving is done on the right side of the road.

*The maximum speed on the highway is 130km/h, on an open road – 90km/h

*Seat belts are compulsory for both front and rear passengers.

*Allowed blood alcohol limit is 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter.

*Speed and traffic violations are subject to fines on the spot.

There is a lot to see and car travel Exotic Car Rental is probably the best way to explore this marvelous country. Rent a car in France and explore the wine making regions of Bordeaux, Bourgogne and others, taste the famous cheeses of France and in general enjoy the landscape. Take advantage of car rental in France and explore the capital of the country. Visit the Louvre, see the Arc de Triomphe at night and enjoy the view of Paris from Eifel Tower. France is a popular tourism destination, attracting millions of tourists.

As France is a part of European Union it means that is has a highly developed road infrastructure that ensures easy travel options.France has a long and wealthy history.  In the 9th century AD Charlemagne united the Frankish kingdoms and created the first large empire in Western Europe. From then on France has always been a major player in European history. Today France is an influential and highly developed country that attracts numerous visitors. But let’s not forget Paris. To visit France and not to visit the most romantic city in the world should be considered a crime.

France can be a traveler’s dilemma just because it has so much to offer and there is never enough time to do it all. Nevertheless this is your chance to rent a car in France and discover this large and beautiful country.